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    Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle! Fly a water jetpack in the most mysterious place on earth! Can you make your way home before the last whirlpool closes forever? Be sure to have a look around, things are not always what they seem. And above all have fun, it's the journey not the destination! Bermuda Dash is made by a small indie group, the motion in the game is physics based and almost all of the geometry is procedurally generated. Credits: Programming and Game Design: Shawn Kendall, Lou Hayt Visual Art: Chad Kendall Sound Effects: Chris Davis Music: Jeff Rankin Powered by the Cosmic Engine

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    Embark on a hilarious journey through space as Commander P. Jefferson, an alien-hating starfighter at the helm of the mighty USS Eradicator. A Space Shooter for 2 Bucks delivers hilarious, irreverent action beat! - EXPERIENCE fast-paced, retro-gaming action with incredible detail. - ENGAGE in epic boss fights that allow you to keep their special weapons once defeated. - ENJOY two ways to play: A hilarious campaign-based story mode and a skill-testing survival mode. - LAUGH at more than 25 minutes of fully voiced, hilarious cutscenes. - VISIT Jenna’s shop to purchase more than 40 upgrades and power-ups or maybe just do some flirting…

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    Multiplayer CTF sidescroller. Competitive team play.

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    The year is 2015 and the world has come to an end, but one bird found an underground cave consisting of passages and pipes. He must now struggle through and endless array of obstacles to achieve satisfaction as it's no longer possible to fly south for the winter. Gain super strength by picking up strong arms to lay waste to those menacing pipes.

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    "IndieCade eSports Showcase 2014" "Gamercamp Official Selections 2013, 2014" "Yahoo Top 10 Family Games E3 2014" Toto Temple Deluxe is a fast-paced, local-multiplayer party game in which you must steal an egg-laying goat from your friends, and keep it on your head for as long as you can! Battle your friends or crafty bots in a multitude of unique temples and unleash super-charged power-ups to turn the tide of a round in your favor! Unleash the chaos in classic free for all mode, create alliances in team battle mode, or blast your friends up in the new Goat Bomb mode! Supports PS3 & XBOX 360 Controllers on OUYA and M.O.J.O. -- "It is stupidly fun. You'll likely find yourself standing in front of the screen, yelling at your fellow goat stealers and jostling them in real life." - Dan Tynan (Yahoo Tech) "Accessible and engaging, the game is a great example of a work that can speak to bringing players casual and hardcore, young and old together." - Gamercamp.ca http://www.tototemple.com

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    Collect coins and defend yourself against ghosts in this Maze Platformer Game. * 35 Levels * Beautieful Retro Graphics * Catchy Soundtrack

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    Up to 4 players cooking off to become the best breakfast chef in town, if your food is disgusting you won't last, so don't burn your food too much!

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    Guitar Shooter Tutor lets you play an asteroid type shooting game while you play along with your guitar. Tap your foot on the control to let the Ouya know you've made the chord, and turn the AstroChords into space dust.