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    This game is an English-language visual novel, digital storytelling involving images and text. It takes place the summer before you go away to college, and you're spending it visiting with your aunt and uncle on a small island in the Atlantic ocean. One night, while out taking pictures of the full moon, you meet a girl walking down the beach.

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    The word search game with a twist. Play solo or as a team of up to 4 local players against other players around the world and/or against each other. Choose from various board sizes and time limits. Stuck? Just shake up the board.

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    Droch-sceal ar an droch-saol. (A bad story about the hard life.) A collaboration with increpare.

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    Remember the fun of Flappy Bird on your television with this high quality remake made by a student developer! All the fun of Flappy Bird, with the same tight collision detection, but on your big screen! Mutiplayer update coming soon!

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    Evil creatures have invaded your base, and it is your job to destroy them. Alien Arena is a 3D first person shooter (FPS) where you must battle your way around tunnels, corridors, bases, med labs against all kings of evil minions bent on merciless destruction. Alien Wars features: * 3D environments * 7 types of monsters * 5 types of weapons: shotgun, radar, pistol, laser guns, and more * High quality sounds * 9 different maps with hours of gameplay * Single or multi player combat

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    Team up with your bestest bro to climb up the tower fighting bosses forever. Each boss learns based on how move, attack, and perform. The better you are, the harder it gets. How many bosses will you defeat, bro?

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    How far up the tower can you get?! Don't forget to dislike the spikes, along the way!