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    Keep the ball from touching the wall by pressing the opposite direction.

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    This is a memory game. Remember where the other match is.

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    "Really fun and deep." "A blast to play." "It's like air hockey meets American Gladiators meets lasers." Bombball is an explosive, fast-paced, uber-competitive eSport. It's a game about close calls, white knuckles, and making the tiebreaking goal before the buzzer. Gather some friends, crank the volume up, and show off your skill! - Singleplayer or two-player modes available - Three crazy powerups: boosts, blasters, and bombs! - Support for non-OUYA controllers - Wicked surf-rock soundtrack - Three levels of AI: Not Too Bad, Pretty Tough, and Stupid Hard - Best enjoyed with a crowd of spectators!

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    An endless runner made for the 2014 #cyberpunkjam. Watch out for the spikes! -100% free! -3rd party controller support.

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    Galaxoid is a retro space shooter based on arcade games of the 80's. Galaxoid is all about high scores. 50 levels, 5 bosses and online leader boards! Try the first 3 levels for free. Purchase the full game to unlock all levels, bosses and leader board participation!

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    DoomGLES is a 3D hardware accelerated source port of the classic game Doom. In Doom, you are a space marine who fights hordes of Demons on Mars bases, Earth and Hell ! DoomGLES comes with Doom shareware, Freedoom + "Wonderful Doom", Freedoom 2 + Requiem. !!! ORIGINAL GAMES DATA ARE NOT PRESENT IN THIS RELEASE !!! If you choose to not pay, you will have access to the full shareware episode, and the first level of any other WAD. Also, only the first two maps of the shareware will always have the extra features (lighting, 3D monsters, etc.). On any other map, each day, you will have about 2 minutes of gameplay with the extra features. To access "Ultimate Doom", "Doom 2" and "Final Doom", please follow this link: http://kokak.free.fr/android/DoomGLES_Ouya.htm#install

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    Our take on the rogue-like and dungeon-crawler, with a big wink to the classic Gauntlet, comes with optional 2 player coop mode!

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    A competitor in the OUYA/KillScreen "CREATE" Game Jam, “Car Jumper” is an arcade-style endless runner that tasks players with making the sport of car jumping the single most popular form of entertainment in history. Gameplay consists of jumping cars, FOR POINTS! All while collecting performance-enhancing energy drinks! In development.