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    Soccertron is a fast-paced soccer-based action game for up to 2 players. "... It succeeds at something many other fantasy sports games do not." - rgz.ca "Super fun!" - Dan (Mangotron.com) "Just one more match..." - Everyone It's a local multiplayer party game centering on 1vs1 matches with intense action. The game mechanics are simple and accessible but matches are fast and unexpectedly fun, leading to friendly rivalry across the different game fields: • Soccertron: Futuristic soccer-like game • Shrinkotron: Reinventing the old-classics, shrink the other player's goal to win. • Basketron: Basketball! With neons! In the future! • Tournament: The winner of 2 out of 3 matches wins! Ideal for parties and "king of the couch" sessions! Soccertron features a competitive bot player but this game is meant to be played with friends on a couch! • Fast-paced soccer-based action! • Play solo or with friends on 3 innovative game modes. • Above the mean AI player! • Multiple controllers models supported! • Jet packs! Super jumps! Explosions! Neons! Uncontrollable obstacles!

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    MushRoom Bounce! is a unique, addictive, 2D physics game where you spin, bop, and blast Mushrooms into various holes to clear each level!

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    FP Runner 2 is an action packed endless runner in the first person perspective! The game has ... - A new epic soundtrack! - New platform types! - Competitive gameplay! - 2 player local split screen (with one time $0.99 add-on)! You can play the single player part of the game for free. If you wish to play split screen with 1 other player, you can do so by purchasing the split screen add-on! The multiplayer split screen mode is an OUYA exclusive! You will not find this on any other platform! Game on!

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    Skullbaby is a Platform game inspired in Halloween. It's a 2D scroller. Jump, shot and fly to avoid the enemies facing you. It features 25 levels and will be updated with many more levels. Play alone or with your friend, cooperate with him to reach the end of each level. Stay tuned for more content coming!

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    Imagine a race where every runner has a gun with one bullet. Do you sprint to the finish? Or hang back in the safety of the crowd? Death Race is one of five game modes which challenge players to blend in with NPCs to accomplish goals while risking elimination by their opponents. Hidden in Plain Sight is a local-multiplayer game for 2-4 players (and unlimited spectators!)

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    Dodge the traps, find your way and guide the ball to exit. A fun and challenging action game. - Cool 3D effects, beautiful graphics and sound - Scoreloop leaderboard - 9 different tile types - 12 free total 50 challenging levels

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    Munch Face is an arcade mash up, mixing together maze chase gameplay with other arcade favorites. Two gameplay modes are available, Arcade and Challenge, with over 100 levels for you to master. Acquire and upgrade weapons like the shockwave gun, bombs, and the portal gun to fight back against alien monsters and robotic sentries.

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    Pfhonge (pronounced by combining “fong” with “sponge”) is a ball and paddle game where there is no score kept - there is only a winner and a loser. In order to win, the player must get the ball to hit the blocks behind his opponent’s paddle. The two different colors behind each paddle indicate the type of bonus the player receives - either the opponent’s paddle will decrease top movement speed a bit or the player’s paddle will have an increased amount of space to move his/her own paddle in. After at least three blocks in a row have been hit, if the ball passes the paddle and enters the yellow end zone, the player wins! NEW with version 1.5.0: Free to try any game mode - but must pay to play each mode more than five times.