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    Have fun and mash some annoying balls! Great entertainment for everybody! Ultimate MashBall leader – the great Baller - has to stand up to mash all the annoying balls. Help him! Became the leader yourself. Have some fight, have some fun and mash some annoying balls! Collect points, overcome obstacles, accelerate on super bouncers, switch gravity and even use magnetic fields from your own finger tips, all to smash the mocking balls.

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    The open source re-implementation of Andrew Braybrooks classic "Paradroid" hits the OUYA! Take over droids using logic, or blast them to pieces with lasers. Either way, fun times are to be had!

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    Steal the safe and generally just try to survive in this fast-paced, top-down stealth shooter. One shot and you're dead, so make it worth it and try to beat your highscore! Vault supports the XBox360-controller and is completely free. WARNING: very hard! Updates: - improved performance - minor graphical update

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    Heavy Recoil - Convoy Chaser takes the run 'n' gun genre back to the coin-op golden age of the 1980's, when you hadn't really beaten a game unless you'd done it on a single credit. v1.9: Xbox/PS3 controller support reinserted v1.7: New Playable Character, 2 Player Mode v1.5: Score Rush Attack Mode v1.4: Online Hiscores Lead your auto-cannon wielding robot deep behind enemy lines and smash tanks, gunships and fearsome bosses with your awesome arsenal of deadly weaponry! Rescue prisoners of war and blast everything in your path like a REAL hero! * No Nonsense! No Continues! * Horizontal Firing Only! * Abilities and Upgrades! * Secondary Weapons! * Good/Bad Endings! * Online Hiscores * Score Rush Attack mode * 2 Player Action * 3 Playable Characters www.widepixelgames.com mix256@widepixelgames.com

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    SlideTapPop brings you the fun of old school puzzle action with a touch of modern magic. Interact with the game in new and exciting ways that you have not experienced before in puzzles. Help Cubeboy on his journey to find all the golden cubes in a beautifully 3d rendered world. You will love the retro music, sound and feel of this highly addicting game. Promotional launch sale, 20% off. 140+ LEVELS PLAN AND POP Take THE POP MULTIPLIER TO THE MAX, UNLEASH AWESOME CHAIN EFFECTS 2 UNIQUE GAME MODES + 1 SECRET MODE AWESOME WRAP AROUND GAMEPLAY FANTASTIC RETRO LOOK & SOUND

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    The world needs your help! Evil scientists worldwide have joined forces forming a "League of Evil"; the only super agent who can stop them is YOU! As a specially trained agent you can double jump, flipping your way over obstacles. You are also trained in wall jumping gaps to reach new heights. So get ready to show your sick acrobatic moves across 160 challenging levels! Fight your way through your mission and find the mad scientist to deliver a well earned pixel punch in the face! The world is counting on you. Now go save everyone!

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    Guide the blue bird-ship through the colourful track between worlds, attacking any and all creatures that appear along the way. BlastTrax is a retro-styled space shooter, with exceedingly simple mechanics.

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    Badass takes natural selection in his own hands.